PCI Certified Payment Provider

For more information regarding our services or questions regarding any of RevTrak's products, please feel free to call us toll free at 800.989.9653 or sales@revtrak.com.

RevTrak offers our clients a PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to help ensure that your sensitive data is secure. PCI compliance through our SAQ not only ensures effective data protection, but also serves as a sign that your district takes data management seriously. With PCI certification, parents know that their sensitive information is safe in your hands and banks know that they can trust doing business with you.

Using our online SAQ, your school district can go from zero to PCI compliant in just fifteen minutes, resulting in a validated declaration of PCI compliance. RevTrak takes the headaches out of PCI certification by making the process quick, straightforward, and much less expensive. Enhance your school's reputation and visibility with a PCI certified payment processor and by becoming PCI compliant yourself.

To assist customers in knowing which service providers have been approved, Visa and MasterCard have published lists of the approved vendors. You can click on the following links to verify that RevTrak is PCI certified.

Visa List of Approved Service Providers
MasterCard List of Approved Service Providers