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Your Support Tip


The RevTrak® web store provides web customers the ability to retrieve a forgotten password. Web customers simply click on “Password Reminder” on the left navigation menu of your web store, enter in their e-mail address, and click on the arrow. Web store passwords will be emailed to the address provided by the web customer at the time of purchase.


District personnel with Administrator or Power User rights can also access a web customer’s account and change a password. Existing passwords are not viewable. 


Steps to change a password:

  1. Login to administrative side of web store
  2. Click on “View/Edit Contacts”
  3. Select “Web Customer” from “Contact Type” menu
  4. Enter web customer’s last name and click “Go”
  5. Click on web customer’s name
  6. Enter new password and retype to confirm
  7. Click “Update this Item”


To maintain maximum security, web store passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain one alphabet character, one digit, and may not contain any of the following characters: < ( ' ) >