When they started with RevTrak, Canyons first opened it up to Entrada Adult High School, Canyons Technical Education Center (CTEC), and the district’s four high schools.  Entrada and CTEC were the first to take advantage of online payments.  The Entrada Web Store, which encompasses Adult High School registration as well as Community Education registration, uses RevTrak’s free add-on module, RegistrationWerks.  “Natalie McIff is the head secretary for Entrada, and did an outstanding job putting together the Community Ed classes for the Web Store,” explains Sharon.  “The RevTrak/RegWerks integration has been instrumental in allowing the community to register online for classes.”

As for CTEC, Head Secretary Andrea Van Hazelen loves having RevTrak, and the parents and students could not be more pleased.  “They call and thank us for having it available to them,” Andrea explains.  “Parents have loved being able to make payments over the internet instead of coming in to the school, and the simplicity of online payments has meant that fewer late fees are charged.  Students are also excited that they are able to log in to a computer at school and pay their fees themselves.”  Using RevTrak has also helped CTEC with their bank reconciliation, because the number of checks returned to the school has dropped significantly.  “We have payments due at different times during the school year, and in the past we have had a line of students going out of the office and all the way down the hall.  Now that the Web Store is in place, this line has been greatly reduced,” says Andrea.  “Having RevTrak has not only saved me time and frustration, but it has also prevented much anxiety for parents and students.”


After they have filled out their registration information, there will be an option to pay online with a credit card.  When parents select this option, they will be redirected to the RevTrak Web Store to make the payment.  “We are mostly looking forward to this because now everything will be done online, in Skyward, in one database.  It will save printing and paper because we won’t have to mail out all those registration packets; it will save the money we would have spent hiring aides to enter and file the information; and it will ensure a higher level of accuracy because the information will only be entered once by the parent online, rather than multiple times by multiple people.”

According to Sharon, the proof is in the numbers.  “We are able to collect payments that we haven’t been able to collect previously, because people are much more willing and quick to pay with a credit card online than go through the hassle of mailing or dropping off a check or cash.  Parents are able to go online and make payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  For example, over the holidays when we were off on vacation, parents were still going online and we were processing payments.  We had a huge amount of money come in even though no one was in the office!  It’s so convenient, not only for us at the district but also for the parents.”


Canyons District’s latest endeavor was registration for its summer semester classes.  For this, Canyons was allowing both In District and Out of District students to register, so the district had to come up with a way to separate the registration payments that were coming in between those two categories.  Natalie Bartholomew, Administrative Assistant for Evidence Based Learning at the district, worked closely with RevTrak throughout the Web Store set-up process.  She used the Google Docs™ program to create separate registration forms for In District and Out of District students, which RevTrak then incorporated into the Web Store.  Upon completion of the appropriate form, families are redirected back to the Web Store to choose classes and pay fees.  “Registration for summer school is way up from last year,” Sharon reveals.  “We have already had over 380 registrations this year, whereas last year we had a total of 240.”

In the next couple months, Canyons will begin utilizing their RevTrak® Web Store for online registration for one of their middle schools.  “This is the first time that this will be available for a middle school and we are so excited about it!” exclaims Sharon.  “In the past, we have always done mail-in registration.  That required sending out hundreds of registration packets and hiring aides solely to enter all of the data and file it correctly.”  For the 2011-2012 school year, Canyons will be accepting registration for Crescent View Middle School online, using Skyward Family Access and RevTrak.  Parents will go online and register through Skyward.


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“We initially began looking at RevTrak for fee management,” Sharon explains.  In the past, parents were making cash or check payments, either mailing them in or taking them in person to their school.  This meant that money was being collected at multiple locations and by multiple people in the district.  District staff would then manually enter the payment information into a spreadsheet and update each student’s account.  “It took hours and hours,” Sharon recalls.  “We really wanted to not only save time for those individuals who were entering all that information, but also centralize the payment center so that all of the money was coming into one place.”


When she was looking for an easier method of fee management for her 33,000-student district, Sharon Young at Canyons received several recommendations for RevTrak.  “I was a little skeptical,” says Sharon.  “I was researching three companies before we went with RevTrak.  All the people that I called just kept singing the praises of RevTrak and I thought, ‘Can this be true?’  As it turns out, none of them were exaggerating.”


Canyons School District in Sandy, Utah, became a client of RevTrak in March 2010 after the district’s Help Desk Team Lead, Sharon Young, attended a Skyward conference and saw some of the ways that other school districts were being helped.  Canyons is a very large district, serving four cities and one township with 29 elementary schools, eight middle schools, four high schools, two technical schools, and an adult high school.


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