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Delores enjoyed sailing Lake Pepin

with her husband, Mike


Reflections of Our Friend


I am saddened to inform you that Delores Ashworth, editor of OnTrak, passed away unexpectedly on April 11th, 2011.


As Marketing Manager at RevTrak, I had the privilege of working closely with Delores.Delores was an amazingly hard worker, giving freely of herself to accomplish whatever the task required.She was my perfect complement in the Marketing Department.Her vast experience and dedication to excellence were apparent in everything she did.My best days at work were those we spent dreaming together about our hopes for our department and the company.


When Delores came on board here, we were in desperate need of documentation for the Web Store and Dashboard.Delores was excited to undertake the project and approximately nine months later, E-Z Help was born.Delores worked tirelessly with meticulous attention to detail in order to ensure that each topic was accurate and user-friendly.That was just her nature ó she cared deeply and it showed.


During her time here, Delores became a very dear friend to me, as she was to many.More than anything she valued the lasting relationships she had built throughout her life: her husband and best friend, family, the young girl she mentored on Tuesday afternoons, and countless other dear friends.Some of you knew Delores through conversations you had over the phone.Delores would tell me how much she enjoyed those conversations with you, our clients.She loved getting to know you and hear first-hand about your experiences.You were a bright spot in her day.


I will miss my friend, along with her smiles and laughter.I know that everyone here at RevTrak will look up from time to time, hoping to see her smile. Although she wonít be here, we are all richer for the memory.


The following poem was written by Donna Halvorson, friend of Delores, in honor of her life.


Please Donít Sing Blue Mountain


Let me linger in the garden

Where the pretty flowers bloom

Let me walk with you at eventide

Beneath the silvery moon

Iíll be with you on Lake Pepin

The wind beneath your sails

Though the water may be rough

As the waves caress the rails

Let me listen to the music

All the songs I love to hear

If you canít recall the words

I will whisper in your ear

Sing about the purple heather

Iíll be there to hold your hand

Even if you sing ďBlue MountainĒ

You know I will understand

Just remember all the laughter

When you used to play that song

When you and Bill would harmonize

And I would sing along

Hold on tight to happy memories

Gather friends and hold them close

Just remember that I love you

And youíll never walk alone


Laura Schroeder

RevTrak Marketing Manager




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