Web Store

A RevTrak® Web Store provides a secure, simple way to collect payments online. Created specifically for K-12 schools, this tool offers a solution to reduce the workload for your staff, cutting back on hours spent manually entering payments. Collecting funds via debit or credit card can help reduce, or even eliminate the use of cash and check on campus.

Allowing for 24/7 access, parents are enabled to pay for food service, transportation fees, and other items at their convenience. The more your district utilizes the Web Store, the more families will make payments online. By taking most of your payments online, the process becomes more automated, maximizing the time saved for your district.


Any Fee

The Web Store can accommodate any type of fee your school collects. From registration fees to donations, tickets to AP exams, the Web Store has a solution for everything.


RevTrak integrates with over 40 different programs that work with schools. RevTrak optimizes your efficiency by working together with your existing programs. Glance through our integrations page to see what solutions we have for your district.

Multiple Deposit Accounts

Need athletic fees to route to separate bank account than food service? Not a problem. Each fee on the Web Store can be set with an account code that can be directly deposited into any district bank account.

Low Balance Email

Help students and parents avoid the frustration of empty food service balances. We can alert parents when a student’s food service account is low. A quick visit to the Web Store is the only thing needed to top off the account.



Your district’s Web Store can be personalized to take any payments you need and match your school website. The cohesive and sleek look provides families a familiar venue.


All funds from your RevTrak® Web Store are guaranteed, and your staff will no longer have to worry about lost cash or bounced checks.


The Web Store’s complimentary add-on module for managing registration. View the RegistrationWerks page for more information.


Benefits for Parents:

  • 24/7 Access to the payment system via internet.
  • Email receipts and low-balance reminders keep them informed of their student’s account.
  • Peace of mind knowing that their payments are securely processed.
  • The convenience of paying for multiple fees in one transaction.
  • The ability to pay with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit or debit cards.

Benefits for School Districts:

  • Reduces or eliminates paperwork with online processing and reporting.
  • Saves time for your staff by reducing the manual data entry.
  • Increased internal controls which allow voiding and refunding, both full and partial, of transactions.
  • Web Store set up and ongoing maintenance provided by a dedicated Client Service team.
  • PCI-DSS certified secure solution for your data.
  • Efficient reconciliation and reporting tools based on Fund Accounting Principles.

Need an In-person payment solution?

Check out our Order Entry module.