Collecting payments for transportation can be tricky. First, it is a fee that often slips parents’ minds. Secondly, when you process transportation fees manually, they can take up a significant amount of time and space on your desk. Accepting transportation fees online can help you speed up the process and complete the task efficiently, allowing you to work on other projects.

3 Payment Tips

Tip 1: Come up with a plan.

You first want to decide on an online payment processor. Determine the needs and values for your district, then compile a list for you to reference when choosing a processor. Here is an online payment processor that gives parents a variety options to make payments, automatically tracks each payment, and reduces the work load for staff. After you have your payment processor in place, educate staff members on how they will use the software and the process a parent uses to make a payment. This enables staff members to provide direct answers to parent questions.

Tip 2: Promote to parents.

Even if you are using an online payment processor, it may not reach its full potential if parents are unable to find it. Reach out to parents through your district’s social media channels, take-home flyers, newsletters, email, or even during parent teacher conferences. Never be afraid to reach out to your payment processor company. They may have materials or ideas on how you can improve parent engagement. Also, remember to communicate the deadline. This creates a sense of urgency so parents make sure to record the payment date on their calendars.

Tip 3: Track each payment.

One of the great benefits to processing payments online is the ability to track payments efficiently. Gone are the days of shuffling through different files looking for which students have or have not paid. When a payment is made online, a record is created that allows staff to see the trail the payment takes. This increases the transparency within your district because you know where the money is at all times. When you have up to date records that are easily accessible, it makes other tasks, like reconciliation, easy to complete.

Processing online transportation fees is not an easy task. By coming up with a plan for your district, promoting the fee to parents, and tracking each payment will help you and your district in the future.