School age childcare registration can be a stressful time. We put together some helpful tips to help you avoid burning yourself out during your district’s school age childcare registration process.

SACC Registration Tips

Use an online payment processor:
Having access to the right resources can help you zip through your district’s registration. With SACC registration being popular in most school districts, schools are using online registration and payment processors. A payment processor can help you seamlessly process payments and registrations together, manage waitlists and roosters online, send invoices to parents in just a couple of clicks, simplify payment tracking, and more.

Stagger registration deadlines:
Staggering registration deadlines can help break up the amount of paperwork you must process into smaller quantities. You can create them based on grade level, class, or other criteria according to your district’s childcare program.

Handout materials:
Create materials for parents that explain your district’s childcare registration and answer frequently asked questions. This can decrease the amount of phone calls and emails you receive throughout the day, allowing you to continually focus on processing registration with little interruption.

Create a checklist:
By visualizing what you need to get done, you can prioritize tasks. This allows you to focus on the important ones and cross tasks off as you complete them. Try creating your checklist at the end of your work day. That way, when you come in the next morning, you know exactly what needs to get done.

Take Breaks:
Everyone needs a break at some point during the day. Get up and stretch or walk around the office for a couple of minutes. This will help you feel more energized and refreshed when you return to your desk.

Listen to music:
Break out your favorite tunes to listen to while processing registration to help pass the time.

Set objectives:
By creating objectives throughout registration process, you can monitor how you are doing relative to the deadline. This also allows you to pace yourself throughout registration.

Reward yourself:
It never hurts to celebrate each time you reach your goal or objective. Treat yourself! Go out to lunch or plan a fun 15-minute activity you and other staff members can do together to break up the day.

Remember to be flexible:
Things will come up. By being flexible with change, you will allow operations to run as smoothly as possible.

Try out these tips to help you avoid SACC registration burn out. Do you have a tip you use to avoid burnout? Comment below to share!