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Adding an Import List to the Dashboard

Adding an Import List to the Dashboard

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Adding an Import List to the Dashboard

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Only Administrators can create and edit the Import List Editor.


Refer to these topics for more information on privilege levels: Administrator Privileges, Power User Privileges, Users Privilege, and Everyone Privileges.


Contact your RevTrak Rep before building an import list. They can  provide tips and options.


An import list includes names and identification information for people who can make payments for a specific item on the Web Store. Only the people on the list can make payments for that specific item. For example, it may be a list of residents who make online utility payments, a list of students who participate in a school food service program, or a list of high school seniors who may register to attend an after-graduation party. An import list may be specific to a software integration, such as Skyward, NutriKids, or AS/400, or it may simply be a list of students or residents for a specific purpose, such as a school activity or a community program. Multiple lists can be added to the Dashboard for your Web Store. An item associated with an import list allows payments to be made by only the names/IDs on the list.








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