In a perfect world, it would be easy to track every payment made to a school district. Districts are accountable for every penny that passes through their doors. Families should feel confident their payments get to where they need to go.

Keeping track of every payment is harder than it looks.

We put together the basic steps you need to take to become an online payment expert.

K-12 Online Payment Tips

  • Switch to a centralized online payment system.

This will ensure that all payments made to your district are coming through the same place. Parents won’t have to struggle with using multiple systems for classroom payments, athletic payments, food service, and more. Staff will be happy that they don’t have to learn a variety of different ways to reconcile and track each fee that comes through.

  • Set up multiple deposit accounts

With multiple deposit accounts, you can be sure that the money is automatically going to the correct bank account. This means that fewer people must sort the funds and help make sure no sorting mistakes are made.

  • Accept a variety of payment options

Credit and debit cards have overtaken cash and check to become a universal form of payment. Offer parents the ability to accept all forms of payment and you will see an increase of participation.

  • Availability is king

Everyone is busy, and the last thing you want to do is add another unpleasant task to parents’ to-do lists. Allow parents to pay when it is most convenient for their schedule. The easiest way to do this is by switching to an online payment system, but you can also extend payment processing time windows to consider parents who work.

  • Keep things simple

No one wants to spend ten minutes doing something that should take one minute. Evaluate how you take payments and try to make small changes to improve efficiency. Families will thank you for saving them time.

  • Stay Secure

Processing online payments is safer than taking payments in person. Think about it. When payments are made online, there is automatically a record of the payment. You can go in and see the amount of the payment, who made the payment, when they made the payment, and where the payment deposited. When cash or checks are used, the trail becomes a lot more muddled.

  • Promote, promote, promote!

Make a plan for promotion and start small. One of the most common mistakes people make is creating big plans that are almost impossible to stick to. It can be exciting or stressful to implement a new online payment system, of course you will want to see huge results immediately. Instead, take a breath and start small. It will take time to build up awareness of your new Web Store. Create a plan with actionable steps and reachable deadlines to spread the word.

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