If you are looking for a way to help your community, try starting at your child’s school. Most schools are full of volunteer opportunities.
They can always use the extra hand, and your child is there five days a week. If you’re unsure how to get started, take a look at the list below.

1. Get Involved – Volunteer to be a classroom helper, field trip chaperone, or lunch server. You can help shoulder the workload of your student’s teacher while making some new memories with your child.

2. Communicate – Attend parent-teacher conferences and school board meetings. Talk to other parents and build connections. Talking about your child’s school can help generate ideas and parent participation.

3. Donate Supplies – Do you remember all the decorated bulletin boards, rainbow colored markers, and funky erasers from school? More often than not, a teacher bought those items out of their own pocket. When you’re shopping for your child, pick up a couple extra supplies to donate.

4. Pay online – Many schools offer an online payment option. This helps keep money safe, increases efficiency, and is a greener option. If you don’t know if your school has an online payment option, check out their website or send an email to an administrator.

5. Be a mentor – Help provide a positive influence to students. By becoming a mentor, you can provide one-on-one attention that is often lacking in the classroom.

6. Join a Parent Organization or Booster Club – Work together with other parents and teachers to make positive changes in your school.

7. Use your skills – Offer up your unique talents to help out. If you’re a software engineer, provide some computer training in the library. If you’re a librarian, lead a reading hour. Everyone has unique talents to bring to the students.

Working with the school will give you an opportunity to help many more children than your own. Consider your options and determine the best way to help.