Your school district uses PowerSchool because it reduces inefficiencies when it comes to managing student information. What if you could make your process even more efficient by integrating your payment process with PowerSchool? That’s where we come in.

We are highlighting our integration with PowerSchool to show you just how much time the Web Store will save for your district.

PowerSchool Integration

District Transparency:

With budget changes, the ability to easily track and show cash flow in your district is huge. When you use the RevTrak® Web Store to process your district’s fees, you get a complete paper trail from the moment the purchase is made. Staff can log on and view detailed fee reports from the portal.

Fewer Errors:

Mistakes happen, especially when there are multiple ways for students to turn in money. Funds can be misplaced, shrinkage can occur, or manual errors can result in money deposited into the wrong account. Our Web Store automates the process which enables you to have more control over your funds. Not only are payments made through the Web Store guaranteed, but you can enable automatic multiple deposit accounts.

Posting Directly to PowerSchool:

When a payment is made through a Web Store, the transaction is automatically posted to PowerSchool in real-time. Allowing you to have up to date records 24/7. Our system also supports PowerLunch and Marcia Brenner Associates student fee plug-ins.

Robust Reporting Tools:

Shuffling through stacks of paper is time consuming. We offer robust reporting tools based on fund accounting principles to make it easy for staff members can do quick searches and reconcile in ten minutes or less. These reports are accessible anywhere you have internet connection.

Multiple Deposit Accounts:

The Web Store enables you to assign specific fees to deposit into specific accounts. If a parent makes a payment for multiple items, like a uniform and a registration fee, those payments will automatically deposit into the correct account. You won’t have to waste time manually separating payments into correct accounts.

Simplify the Payment Process for Parents:

Parents are busy during the day and often find it difficult to make it in to the business office during business hours. With the Web Store, parents can make payments from any device on their own schedule.

If you are not already using a payment system that integrates with PowerSchool, consider all the time you could be saving. Contact us if you are interested in integrating your SIS with our Web Store.