Prom is on the horizon. While this can be the most anticipated day of a teenager’s life, it may cause some anxiety for parents. To ensure a fun, yet safe, evening for everyone involved, we’ve put together a few dos and don’ts regarding prom planning.

Don’t: Make decisions late

Set expectations in advance. Try not to instigate last minute rules. In doing so, you run the risk of going against the ideas your child had the entirety of prom season. Change is uncomfortable, and your child might be upset if you wait until the night before to instigate a curfew.

Do: Start early

Open up the conversation about prom early. Make sure that your child understands your expectations for the night. Keeping an open conversation will foster a happy understanding between you and your child, and it will save you from any last minute shouting matches.

Don’t: Lecture

Avoid droning on about all the dangers of prom. Your teenager understands the consequences of reckless behavior. Their attention will waiver and your message might be lost somewhere in the barrage of your words.

Do: Set clear rules

Make sure your child knows what is expected of them. Set a solid curfew. Explain who you feel comfortable driving your teenager, and what kind of supervision they need. Remember to ask if they have any questions. Clarifying everything will ease both of your minds.

Don’t: Assume

While you and your teenager have established trust, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Not getting all the information from your child about prom or not setting rules because you trust your child can cause misunderstandings. A trustworthy child will have no problem providing you with the necessary information and following the rules.

Do: Ensure supervision

Confirm that there will be adult supervision everywhere your child is going on prom night. Ask for the name, contact information, and address of all supervisors. This will save you from forgetting to get contact information in the hectic shuffle of pictures and dinner. It also empowers your child by trusting them to keep you in the prom night loop.

Follow these guidelines and prom will be fun for both you and your teenager!