Keeping track of payments made within a school district can be a challenge. Many schools are turning to online school payment solutions to help make processing school fees more manageable. We put together a list of common school fees and how an online processor is a helpful solution when it comes to processing these fees.

K-12 Fee Payment Solutions


Your school district probably has at least two major registration sessions, fall registration and school aged childcare registration. Both require a significant amount of planning and organizing. An online processor that allows parents to register their child and pay at the same time can significantly cut back on the amount of manual data entry that bookkeepers must complete. But, there are many more features that can be accomplished with a processor. Look for an online payment processor that enables staff to create and manage waitlists online, access reports that show complete payment histories, and control registration windows. Some payment processors even offer tablet check-in, a huge time-saver for busy staff.

Field Trips:

Think about how many field trips that students go on every year. Every student faces the hassle of shuttling permission slips to and from school. With all the distractions a student faces, how can a parent be sure that the permission slip and payment even made it to the school? An online payment system gives parents the option to submit a permission slip and payment online. They will have peace of mind knowing their payment made it to the school. Plus, the payment and form will automatically save to the system, simplifying things for your staff.

Spirit Wear:

Spirit wear is a must-have for your student store. However, spirit wear comes with many details to track. Look for an online payment processor that lets you track quantity while also simplifying the ordering process. With the right system, you can collect and track color, size, and personalized information all at once.

Event Tickets:

Some online processors have the capability to enable you to sell event tickets online. You can take all the guesswork out of ticket sales by tracking the quantity sold automatically and accessing that data through detailed reports. This information is also helpful with forecasting event turnout. Say you sold out for all the nights of the school play last year. The next year maybe you could consider adding an extra showing or you might adjust the number of volunteers needed to run an event.

Classroom Fees:

Track which students have paid classroom fees with the click of a button when you use online reporting tools. From laptop fees to lab fees, you won’t have to sift through stacks of papers just to determine who paid. You can also assign user controls to the staff members who will be handling the fees. These user controls grant them access to only the specific reports and information they need to complete their job.


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