Fall is approaching. There is not a better time to prepare than now. Bring out the calendars and markers and let’s get preparing.

When it comes to preparing for fall and the current school year is not even over, you could get overwhelmed, but it does not have to be. There are many ways that you can simplify your preparations and ease right into the new academic year.

Plan ahead

Nothing is better than sitting down with a pen and paper and getting a head start on the next year. School districts can simplify their registration processes by having a clear plan of action and steps. Once you have solidified dates and a plan, share it with your staff.

Allow early registration

Another way to prepare for fall is to allow early registration. Now, not all parents will register early but some will, and that small number can be helpful with fall registration. By allowing early registration, you ease stress on the parents who register and yourself by decreasing the number of parents registering in the fall.

Utilize a payment processor

An easy way to streamline your registration process is by utilizing a payment processor like RevTrak. Payment processors ease stress on any staff. By eliminating tedious paperwork, you can streamline the way you process your payments by having it all online in a convenient location. Online payment processors enable you to pay for school fees like books, class fees, supplies and more in an efficient way.

Enable a registration module

On top of enabling a payment processor, you can enable a registration module such as RegWerks. Registration modules allow school districts, especially school age childcare programs, to put all registration information online. You can maintain child information, check ins and outs, fees, scheduling and more through the module. By using a registration module, you enable your staff to focus on enriching the children rather than focusing on busywork.