On-Demand Webinars

Free Webinar:  School Cafeteria Payments with Vanco: A Recipe for Success

Watch the  webinar  to see how you can receive the hearty helping of benefits enjoyed by 1,200 school districts and counting.   

  • Make student meal management easy and reduce lunch debt. 
  • Simplify  the free and reduced lunch application process  and encourage family participation. 
  • Track sales data with Vanco Education’s software. 
  • Speed up lines with our easy-to-use hardware.  

The Explorer’s Guide to a Cashless Campus

Pack your compass and meet us on the online trailhead to discover the best path toward becoming a cashless campus. These best practices will help your district eliminate paperwork, cash and checks with an online payment solution. These practices include:

  • Starting small with required fees first. 
  • Communicating expectations with parents and staff. 
  • Integrating a payment solution with your SIS for easier processing. 

Filling in the Gaps for Fall Enrollment

Already dreading fall registration day? Discover how you can simplify your registration process by moving paperwork and payments online in our 30-minute webinar. In this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for simplifying fall registration. 
  • How you can get a personalized and powerful revenue and registration engine that integrates with your SIS. 
  • How you can save time on enrollments by filling in the gaps.
  • The secrets to boosting fundraising while managing fall enrollments. 

Learn to Review Bank Reconciliations Like a Pro

Are you reviewing your school’s cash reconciliations? Join RevTrak and Karen House, national finance expert and principal consultant at KCH Consulting to learn the ins and outs of reviewing cash reconciliation – and why it’s so important!

Reviewing reconciliations isn’t difficult, and you don’t need a background in accounting to do it. Watch this educational webinar to learn how.

RevTrak Web Store for Athletics

Put the days of manually collecting athletic fees and payments behind you with a solution that saves time and brings you closer to becoming a cashless campus.

Watch our webinar to see how your athletic department can use the RevTrak Web Store to:

  • Boost parent participation.
  • Drive revenue through fundraising and donations.
  • Offer season passes for games and events.
  • Sell spirit wear for students, parents and alumni.

Key Rule Changes for AP College Board Fees

Because of AP College Board rule changes, schools will need to order their exams earlier than usual. Discover the rationale for the big rule changes like the fee deadline and learn how your school can adapt to the new set of rules and guidelines.

Fuss-Free Food, Fundraising and Fees with RevTrak

Discover the power of a cashless campus with RevTrak. RevTrak streamlines how you take all student payments, from athletics to field trips to cafeteria balances. We’ll show you how. Our webinar includes a full RevTrak demo, where you will learn how to use RevTrak to:

  • Deliver a custom Web Store for parents to pay student fees and make purchases
  • Seamlessly integrate with our SIS partners like Skyward and PowerSchool
  • Run custom financial reports that export into your school finance software
  • Reconcile payments in 10 minutes

A Front Row Seat to Vanco Events

As a RevTrak client, you can enjoy Vanco Events, our ticketing platform, without any commitment or money upfront. Watch our free webinar to learn more about Vanco Events and see how you can…

  • Create a Vanco Event in a few minutes
  • Sell tickets directly from your Web Store
  • Scan tickets with ease
  • Add Vanco Events to your RevTrak account for free

‘Tis the Season for a Fundraising Partner

Make the end-of-year event and fundraising season a little easier on school office staff. See how you can use the RevTrak Web Store this year to save time during your school’s busiest fundraising months. We’ll show you everything you can do with the Web Store, like:

  • Sell tickets to holiday plays and concerts online.
  • Build shareable school fundraiser pages.
  • Maximize donations at checkout.
  • Reduce cash handling by collecting payments online. 

RevTrak’s Tips for Mastering a Stress-Free Fall Registration Webinar

We’ve gathered the best back-to-school registration planning tips from our work with thousands of schools across the country to share with you. Watch our webinar to learn how to:

  • Get parents through registration quickly.
  • Simplify student fee payment reconciliation.
  • Set up a powerful communication plan.
  • Improve student fee collection with a payment processor like RevTrak.

Take the Fast Lane to Managing Field Trips

Managing the registration for field trips relies on over a half dozen steps being executed perfectly. Or you can take the shortcut paved by RevTrak. See how to…

  • Cut the registration process down to just a few steps
  • Reduce the amount of cash and checks your staff handles
  • Save staff hours of admin time
  • Improve record keeping

Top School Fundraising Ideas Revealed

Get more than 60 fundraising ideas any school can replicate – including some that require virtually no effort at all! By watching the webinar you’ll…

  • See the top fundraising ideas taken from our work with thousands of schools
  • Learn how to attract volunteers and manage them to improve fundraising efforts
  • Discover easy fundraising strategies you can get started with right away

How to Make a Cashless (and Paperless) Campus

A cashless (or mostly cashless) school campus is rapidly becoming the new norm. Come learn how easy it is to start accepting payments (and school forms) online. In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn how an online payment solution like RevTrak can help you:


  • Reduce time spent collecting, tracking and depositing cash and checks
  • Reconcile all your payments in 10 minutes or less
  • Give parents the payment option and online convenience they want
  • Gain tighter control of cash flow

8 Ways a Web Store Keeps Parents Happy

Simplifying school payments not only keeps parents happy, but also reduces hassle for you and your staff. Learn the 8 tricks you need to get started in our free webinar. Learn how to…


  • Streamline the login process for parents
  • Allow parents to pay online in their own time
  • Let parents self-serve instead of relying on phone calls to staff
  • And much more

Simplify Your Child Care Program with RegWerks

Simplify your child care management with RegWerks. Our online registration and payment software offers flexible scheduling, automated invoicing and more.

    PowerSchool & Vanco:
    A Powerful Partnership

    What if you could cut down on the amount of cash and checks coming to your office while eliminating stacks of paperwork and reducing the number of parent phone calls?  

    Watch our webinar to  discover…     

    • How Vanco’s  RevTrak  payments tool integrates into PowerSchool. 
    • The speedy accounting made possible by this integration. 
    • Why school leaders across the country love using  RevTrak  and PowerSchool together. 
    • How accepting online payments will save your team tons of time on manual entry. 

      Use RevTrak and TeacherLists Together 

      We want to help. Vanco and  TeacherLists  will support your  school by putting a school supply list tile on your  RevTrak  Web Store. With this tile, your school’s families  can order their supplies and have them delivered  right to their home.   

       And it requires no work from your staff. We’ll create it for you.    

       Find out how. 

        Build a Cashless Campus with Skyward & RevTrak

        If your staff is spending too much time handling cash and checks for student payments (they probably are), then this webinar is for you.

        We have more than 20 years of experience helping school districts save time by moving all student payments online. And we seamlessly integrate with Skyward, making us a great payments partner for your district.

        See how RevTrak & Skyward can save staff hours and move your district closer to becoming a cashless campus.


        Video: North Shore School District 112 Case Study

        Watch our short video showcasing how North Shore School District 112 in Illinois uses RevTrak to streamline work and accounting for all school payments. In this video, you’ll hear from district and school staff members about how North Shore has improved internal control and reduced workload by bringing payments online with a RevTrak Web Store!

        Free eBooks

        Still Going Strong with RevTrak & FSS

        More than a decade into using RevTrak and Food Service Solutions, Glastonbury Public Schools in Connecticut are still finding new benefits. Read our case study to learn more!

        Serving Up a Complete Lunchtime Payment Solution

        An independent school district in Texas lowered negative student account balances to just $600 across all 8,000 student accounts after implementing RevTrak payment processing with Skyward Food Services. See how Eanes ISD saved cafeteria staff countless hours and moved 99% of lunch payments online with RevTrak and Skyward.

        Case Study: Everything a Growing District Needs

        One of the fastest growing districts in Iowa turned to RevTrak to handle student payments and communication. Read this case study to learn how Waukee Community School District got teachers and parents on board quickly, and what led them to becoming a nearly paperless and cashless district.

          RevTrak School Registration Handbook

          Face fall registration with confidence this year. RevTrak has helped school districts for over 25 years streamline payment processing and registration activities. To ease your back-to-school stress, we put together this guide to help you tackle all three phases of registration planning. In this free handbook, you’ll learn how to:

          • Prepare for registration with a solid communication plan.
          • Offer online registration during in-person events.
          • Optimize registration to get people through lines fast.
          • Improve your school’s fall registration year after year.

          5 Necessary Skills to Become an Online Payment Expert

          After over 25 years specializing in K-12 payments, we put together our first eBook to give you the tools you need to track every fee. With our free eBook, you’ll learn:

          • How to create a cashless campus
          • Steps to take to keep your data safe
          • Tips to help you reconcile in a flash
          • A promotion plan to get the word out about your online payment system