Deciding whether to process registration fees online can be intimidating. You may feel uncertain of learning a new process and all the tasks that go with it. However, there are countless advantages when it comes to processing childcare and summer activity registrations online. Below are some of the many ways that processing online can benefit both you and parents. This will help you decide if online registration is right for you.

Is Online Registration Right for Your SACC Program?

Security is the number one concern for both you and the parents. Parents worry when they give their child a check or cash to bring to school. Staff members are concerned about misplacing paperwork and cash. When you process payments online, fees are directly deposited into the assigned bank account. This helps reduce anxiety for both parties. Everyone knows where and when the money is deposited. In addition, using a PCI level 1 certified payment processor provides the upmost security for the payments being placed. When you process online, the payments are guaranteed, tracked, and secure.

Tight Internal Controls:
Different staff members play different parts in registration and may only need to access specific reports. You can control employee access to information though user rights, limiting the amount of data and reports they can access. In addition, you can create waitlists through the registration process to save you time from manually categorizing everyone. Even control the time of the registration windows 24/7, giving you the freedom to decide when they will open and close.


Robust Reporting Tools:
Staff members need a variety of reports such as, class rosters, registration responses, payment histories, and more. Online processing generates reports to help staff reconcile quickly and easily. In addition, parents like to keep records of childcare and summer activities for tax purposes. Year-end tax statements are available to help parents complete their taxes. This limits the number of phone calls that you receive for that information.


Benefits for Parents:
Parents are busy during the day and often forget that they need to register their child for an activity. Or, the child might forget their registration paperwork at school in their locker. Processing fees online gives parents the flexibility to work around their schedule. They do not need to rely on their child to bring the required materials back and forth, reducing the stress of both students and parents.


Should you process registration forms online? Yes, it saves you time. You no longer have to shuffle through stacks of papers. Instead, you can do a quick search on the computer. In addition, you have access to the information wherever you have internet connection. Reduce the amount of stress that comes with processing paperwork, cash, creating schedules, and managing waitlists by processing childcare registrations online.

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