Every district wants to provide their staff with the resources needed to get their jobs done as efficiently as possible. A lot of time in the business office is spent processing all the different payments that your district accepts yearlong. One way you can save time within your district is by integrating school payments with Skyward.

Skyward Payment Integration

The first way a Skyward payment integration can help your district save time is by enabling your staff to process all your fees in one central location. Staff members are able to quickly filter and find information. It also enables staff members to reconcile quickly, some payment processors enable you to reconcile in ten minutes or less.

A payment integration can help reduce the workload and paperwork your staff needs to complete. Think of all the fees your district currently processes and the never-ending mountains of paperwork on your desk. All that can be a thing of the past with a quality payment integration with Skyward. Streamline your process by using an integration that has multiple deposit accounts and automatic payment tracking. Not only will it speed up the way staff tracks payments, but it will reduce the possibility of manual error.

When processing fees manually, it can be difficult to clearly follow a payment’s path from the moment a fee is paid. With a payment integration for Skyward, you can rest easy knowing that payments are automatically tracked from the moment they are paid until they are deposited, safely, into the correct account. This increases the transparency within your district. Look for a processor that provides tight internal controls, especially through the use of user rights. Not every staff member needs access to the same information. With user rights, you can assign who has access to what information.

Choosing a Skyward payment integration can save your district a tremendous amount of time. You can decrease the amount of paperwork that needs to be processed, decrease the stress level of staff members who worry about not having enough time during the day to get everything they need to get done, simplify reconciliation, and improve your district’s internal controls.