A new school year means a lot of changes. We decided to make some changes, too. We listened to your feedback about our Web Store and went to work. Our new Web Store was created with time-savings and usability in mind. The best part? It has an entirely new design.

New Web Store Features

Available to use on any mobile device.

The updated Web Store was designed with mobility in mind. It is responsive, meaning it will fit any screen. Parents will be able to pay school fees from computers, tablets, and phones without needing to download a separate app. Simply use the web browser from a phone or tablet like you would on a computer. This enables parents to have flexible payment schedules.

Two-step checkout process.

Checking out is even easier. Once a payment item is added to cart, payers will just enter their payment information and confirm. That’s it. The user-friendly design will help parents move through the Web Store quickly and reduce the number of phone calls to your district.

Updated Appearance

The Web Store has a modern look. Schools still have the ability to choose colors that fit best with their school colors. Now, clients can choose between a masonry or a grid pattern. We provide a selection of icons to use with your payment buttons to pair style and usability.

Click here to check out the new Web Store!